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Keep hope alive
19th-Dec-2020 06:45 pm - Mainpost; Welcome~
kame tongue
f-locked livejournal
Currently; adding

Before adding me;
x I'm Savannah often called Savvy, Sav or someting like that.
x 21 years old.
x College student, studying Japanese.

x Johnny's Entertainment
Mainly but not solely,
Arashi, Kis-My-Ft2, Johnny's WEST, KAT-TUN

x Japanese dramas

If you are here for graphics they are open to public.

If you share one of the same interests as me leave a comment, add me and most likely I will add you back! ^^

3rd-May-2018 07:12 pm - Drama List *updated: 01-11-2016*
kame neck

#50; Nobuta wo Produce
#100; Summer Nude

Total Finished; 107

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9th-Jul-2016 06:27 am - Johnny's and more Johnny's

I intented to write concert reports about every concert I would go to in Japan during my exchange but I realized that I am way to busy to do that and the attempts that I made were useless. I enjoy the concerts so much that I totally do not keep track of what happens when, what they say in the MC in full detail, or what they did sing, so it would only result in very crappy concert reports that I dont want to bother anyone with.

However I wanted to make a list of the concerts I went to with some simple thoughts and pictures.

WARNING: A lot of fangirling and pictures

ParadiseCollapse )

So that's it! I hope I can come back to Japan and go to their concerts again. All these concerts made my time in Japan even more special as my dreams from when I was 13 years old finally came true!
Now I have to save money so I can buy all the DVD releases of these tours lol


Hello hyphens!

I'm selling two tickets for the concert at Osaka (20th of April, 18:00).
Those tickets are playguide tickets which means that they are official but are not fanclub tickets so they dont have a name on it.
I bought them at the regular sales at 7 Eleven when I didn't know my school schedule yet. Unfortunately I won't make it in time for the concert due to my schedule T_T

I live in Kyoto and already have the tickets on hand so I'm willing to meet up or I can send them to any Japanese adress.

If you are interested please leave a comment below or DM me <3
15th-Mar-2016 05:11 pm - ICONS.007
kame tongue


I know it has been a couple of years since I actually made icons so editing was a bit tricky.
Hope you like them anyway!

- Comments are appreciated
- Don't claim as yours
- Credit isn't necessary but always nice

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