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Keep hope alive
19th-Dec-2020 06:45 pm - Mainpost; Welcome~
kame tongue
f-locked livejournal
Currently; adding

Before adding me;
x I'm Savannah often called Savvy, Sav or someting like that.
x 21 years old.
x College student, studying Japanese.

x Johnny's Entertainment
Mainly but not solely,
Arashi, Kis-My-Ft2, Johnny's WEST, KAT-TUN

x Japanese dramas

If you are here for graphics they are open to public.

If you share one of the same interests as me leave a comment, add me and most likely I will add you back! ^^

3rd-May-2018 07:12 pm - Drama List *updated: 01-11-2016*
kame neck

#50; Nobuta wo Produce
#100; Summer Nude

Total Finished; 107

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Hello hyphens!

I'm selling two tickets for the concert at Osaka (20th of April, 18:00).
Those tickets are playguide tickets which means that they are official but are not fanclub tickets so they dont have a name on it.
I bought them at the regular sales at 7 Eleven when I didn't know my school schedule yet. Unfortunately I won't make it in time for the concert due to my schedule T_T

I live in Kyoto and already have the tickets on hand so I'm willing to meet up or I can send them to any Japanese adress.

If you are interested please leave a comment below or DM me <3
15th-Mar-2016 05:11 pm - ICONS.007
kame tongue


I know it has been a couple of years since I actually made icons so editing was a bit tricky.
Hope you like them anyway!

- Comments are appreciated
- Don't claim as yours
- Credit isn't necessary but always nice

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23rd-Jul-2013 12:54 pm - ICONS.006



- Comments are appreciated
- Don't claim as yours
- Credit isn't necessary but is always nice

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